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You seek neighbor-envy for having the lushest, greenest, and healthiest lawn in your neighborhood. We get it. Your yard will be the talk of the town. Healthy attractive turf requires good cultural practices, with nutrition, sunlight and watering dialed in. Along with pest management, disease prevention and weed removal, we are prepared to provide you specialized professional lawn care, sports field maintenance, and estate care.

Agronomic Solutions

Analysis of tissue, water and soil for your specific location provides the data needed to develop agronomic solutions for success.

Plant Health Practices

Healthy plants resist environmental stresses better. Your complete plant program will focus on plant health through balanced plant nutrition.

Plant Protection Services

When environmental stressors rev up, your turf is under attack. Rest assured our arsenal of plant protection products are designed to target the problem areas.

Science-Based Solutions

Your lawn is unique to itself. It has specific needs that must be met for it to thrive the way you would like it to. That’s why here at Bay View Turf Specialists we offer a range of science-based lawn plans designed to give your lawn the right helps at the right time. After one of our degree backed professionals completes a professional lawn analysis to help us understand your lawn needs then a specific plan will be created. This helps us create a tailored approach that gives your lawn exactly what is needs to reach its full potential.

Our six step professional turfgrass fertilization program is proved by golf course, sports fields, and estates around the world as we proudly use a science based fertilizer for professional results that the pros demand at such high levels.

Bay View Turf Specialists in Action

A Love for the Science of Growing Gorgeous Grass | Alex Cembalisty

Solutions to Meet Your Needs


Over time turf thatch becomes dense making it difficult for roots to uptake nutrients. During aeration, we poke holes in the turf. This allows air to circulate and frees the roots for increased uptake.

Disease and Weed Control

Environmental pressure causes plant stress which affects the visual appearance of your yard. With proper control measures, your plants will remain healthy and vibrant.


Just like your body, proper nutrition is the key to long-term health in plants. Healthy turf and plants resist environmental pressures better.

Lawn Care Programs

Our full service programs include plant health and maintenance for rich lush lawns and vibrant plants.

Lawn Installations & Seeding

Sometimes lawns need a bit of help to look lush and green. Turf can start to look patchy and thin after bad weather, and it can disappear altogether when your yard’s soil isn’t the right fit for your grass variety.

Lawn Renovations

Over time lawns decline due to natural and unnatural factors and need to be replanted to restore it be a healthier state.

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